Songwriting Exercises: Practice Makes Perfect

There are plenty of songwriting exercises that a budding songwriter can do to practice in readiness for their hit song. Here are some of the most important practical ones:

  • Quick Rhyming
    Try quick rhyming daily to see if you can come up with rhyming words in a lyrical sentence.
  • Creating Melodic Fragments
    As a daily routine, create melodic fragments using the three techniques mentioned above in a bid to perfect your art.
  • Lyric Imagery
    Train yourself daily to develop a list of names that are either synonym or related to a word you intend to use as your central metaphor.
  • Create Song Titles
    Take some time daily to teach yourself how to write song titles that are captivating and appealing to listeners. Once you come up with something you like, you can quickly come up with the rest of the song based on your

In addition to practice, you also need creative songwriting exercises to keep you artistic fluids running:

  • It Starts With an Idea
    Every song starts with a creative spark. Humans are creative beings. Therefore it is natural to express our thoughts and ideas. As a songwriter, your creative outlet is through songs. Your song communicates ideas to others.
    Getting inspiration can happen at any time or any place. If you are in tune with the surroundings, you will find an abundance of ideas. If you are aware and have the right mindset, you will never run out of song ideas. Ideas are the raw material of your songs.
  • Grow Your Idea
    A key component that will improve your songwriting is the ability to take your ideas and develop them into songs. Hopefully, you catalog your thoughts either by writing them in a journal or dictate them into a recording device. Ideas for lyric are as volatile as smoke. Therefore you need a system to capture your ideas.
    The best way to grow your ideas is through brainstorming. Brainstorming will allow you to think and expand on your idea, building upon the original thought. This could give birth to new ideas. But eventually, you will have a well develop the concept on which to write lyrics.

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