How to write songs & Songwriting tips

So you would like to know how to write songs that are original. However the few attempts that you have made did not turn out as you would have liked because the tune or the melody were not flowing so well or were not catchy enough for your audience to like.

how to write songs

So how do you write songs that your audience will like or will sing and hum along as you are performing them? Well, brace yourself because one of the methods to write catchy songs can be rather controversial, but it not only works and works darn well! Let’s teach you how to write songs.

Now and again, when some individual’s unique tune sounds great, they likewise seemed like another song. Be that as it may, you just can’t make sense of which other song it seemed like. There is this ambiguously natural feeling that you have heard a kind of comparable song some time recently. Have you had that inclination?


I am certain every one of us had this inclination before and I can even set out to say that it will happen over and over with other new songs. Really, this intuitive feeling is fairly regular as after all on the grounds that each song is a to some degree reused tune given the set number of musical documentation, harmonies and rhythms.

So all new songs will somehow or other cover different songs that are as of now in presence. In this manner all songs will have parts of their tune comparable with another song or even songs. Hence it is consummately okay if parts of your song sounds like another song in spite of the fact that you didn’t plan it that way.

Actually, if your new song sounds natural, that might be something worth being thankful for. Before you hop up and yell copyright encroachment, please know that I am not looking at encroaching other songwriter’s copyright, I am discussing a piece of your tune that sounds fairly like another song. If you are lost, check out some songwriting tips to get you started.

So why is this similitude something worth being thankful for? All things considered, it is basically on the grounds that individuals can identify with your tune much more thus they will like the song and recollect that it. They will need to listen to your song in light of the nature. Song nature conjure a wonderful sentiment feeling and more often than not, they don’t know why they felt great listening to your tune. This is the reason your song can without much of a stretch be recalled and will continue murmuring in individuals’ mind. I bet you didn’t know this was important in how to write songs.


Regardless of the possibility that your audience members acknowledged parts of your song is to some degree like another song, so what, no major ordeal in light of the fact that all in all, the song is in your own unique song with your own particular unique verses, your own particular tune and expressions and in this way it is your own particular unique song!

I should emphasize the point that you should not deliberately encroach upon other songwriter’s copyright. This is not about ripping off other arranger’s works. This is about making your own songs and tunes that sound like a commonplace tune. You could also have a look at these songwriting exercises.

So how would I approach composing well known sounding songs? All things considered, how about we begin by picking a song that you like and is acquainted with and murmur the tune. Simply murmur it however don’t sing the verses out. This will make them think “melodically” and soon, you ought to have the capacity to murmur certain varieties of that tune. Simply let your creative ability assume control and toss the tune around as you envisioned it and let your inventive juices stream.

When you can clutter out the tune pleasantly, then sing it so anyone might hear and this will end up being your own tune. It is truly that basic. It’s an essential songwriting tip.

Another approach to do this is to pick a song that you don’t know or knew about some time recently. Listen to this song once, and afterward hear it out once more (practice makes perfect). The second time when you are listening to it, chime in with the song. Yes, you most likely won’t recollect the tune extremely well, however in any case, simply chime in and this is the point at which you make up your very own tune line with the melodic structure of this dark song.
Whichever technique you have composed a song with a fairly well known tune, you should like it. It is your premonition of feeling charming that you know you have composed a decent appealing unique tune that your gathering of people will like and recollect.

“So this is how to write songs easily…”